If I Only Had 3 Books…

Very often I’m asked which books I think every Christian should read (outside the Bible, of course).

Easy. I have two sets. One ‘Top 3’ set for every Christian, and another set for every pastor (or pastor in training). If you haven’t read these. . . you just need to. Immediately.

Below is my list for every Christian. And BTW, if you’re going to check these out, please go ahead and hit the link below…becuase I get like a 10th of a cent, or something… (cha-ching)! Hey, don’t judge. It all adds up.

#1. Pilgrim Theology – by Michael Horton

Seriously, how could you possibly be a self-respecting ‘Tolerated Sojourner’ without a good old ‘Pilgrim Theology’ under your arm at all times?

#2. God, Heaven, and Har Magedon – by Meredith Kline

In the words of Gordon Hugenberger, ‘Kline was by any measure a genius and one of the most creative, insightful, and compelling exegetes and biblical theologians of our age’. …and here’s the thing: this book represents the apex of his thinking in its most accessible form…go get some.

#3. Where in the World is the Church – by Michael Horton

In light of the current state of evangelical (and even reformed theology), this book is a necessity for every Christian looking for biblical teaching on the Christian life.

So, there you have it. Now, go buy ’em, and read ’em. Pretend you are stuck on an island somewhere and this is all you have for a while. Oh blessed man!

(Stay tuned for the ministry version of this list).