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About the blogger

My name Michael Beck. I’m a Christian, husband, pastor, and father of 3 (more info here, here and here).

Why I’ve decided to start writing/blogging

Part 1 – ‘Hello World!’

Part 2 – ‘Why Say Hello to the…World?’

Part 3 – ‘Balance is for Losers, and the Beauty of a Nuance’

Part 4 – ‘What’s the Value in a Word?’

Part 5 – ‘Glenn Frey Spoke To Me in a Dream Last Night…’

About the title: “Tolerated Sojourner”

Part 1: A Tolerated What Now?

Part 2: This World is Not my Home, I’m Just-A-Passing Through

Part 3: Life’s About The Journey AND (!?) The Destination

Part 4: That is Then, This is Now

Part 5: A Pilgrim Heart-Tattoo

Part 6: The Heart Posture of the Pilgrim

About the content: “Meditation on the sacred. Reflection on the secular”

Part 1: Sacred Meditation

Part 2: Secular Reflection



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