As the narrative moves forward, we see that the seed of the women is protected. God would stay true to the promise made in Genesis 3:15. This is so even through the great judgement-ordeal of the flood, where (as we know) Noah and his family were kept safe in the ark.

Once these waters of the flood had subsided, we are led quickly once again to idea of common grace (within the the Noahic Covenant). And once again then, the stage is set. God first promised to send a Saviour; now he covenants to preserve a humanity from whom this Saviour would come.

As the story of the seed progresses, it further narrows its focus upon this vital theme of promise and fulfilment. While it is true that God would bring the Saviour from humanity, he later shows that this would occur through a specific race. This takes us to the next important character in the story: Abraham.

At the time of Abraham, we see one of the first clear examples of how the early covenant community are brought to interact with the world around them. As this is of obvious interest to those concerned with mission and cultural engagement, we will explore this further in the next post.


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